Beatrice: A Reading

Please join us on Sunday, February 3rd at 3pm for a reading of Affiliated Artist Elijah Guo’s Beatrice.

About the play:

Beatrice is just another badass girl who plays the flute. Except for the fact that she lives in 13th-century Italy and she's being followed by this really annoying guy Dante who keeps writing poems about her. Loosely based on Beatrice Portinari, Dante's "muse" and the figure at the center of Vita Nuova and The Divine ComedyBeatrice is a story of Heaven and Hell, love and loss, a woman ahead of her time, and the number three.

The reading will be approximately 90 minutes long. There will be a brief informal talkback session after the reading in which the audience will be encouraged to give feedback on the work in progress. Please stay if you would like to share your thoughts!

beatrice poster.jpg


580 Sackett St
Brooklyn, NY 11217